Sedgewick Cross

Ork from Australia


He’s 23 – young for a human, but he was fully mature at 16

morally he’s got a soft core of “life is precious, everyone is pretty much the same, even animals”


Moved to Seattle a few years ago by (INSERT CORP HERE) to be trained as a Security Mage

It didn’t go so well, so now he’s on the run

well, maybe not like Minority Report style but he’s definitely looking to 1) avoid detection by his former employer and 2) find out why things went wrong he specializes in para-animals – controlling them, understanding them, defending against them

but he’s got all kinds of fun spells he picked up “Down Under”

He lived his entire life in the city of Melbourne, spent a lot of time studying magic, para-animals, laying around on the beach

mum’s dead, VITAS

he had a teacher that combined magic training with yoga, Buddhism

he’s not opposed to violence, just not for small things like insults etc.
only as a matter of life and death.

Father (Kelsey Cross) lost sin in the crash. Son moves to Seattle to help him make ends meet. Pops runs in the sinless circles, hangs in the barrens from time to time.

Sedgewick Cross

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