Adidas Smith

Human Demo Expert from the Hood


Omae grew in this hood, couple brothers, couple sisters, you know, typical hood-rat family

Momma insisted they hit the schools, get in some education. Didn’t want em dead on the streets But you can’t avoid the gangs, it’s just part of life

Adidas was just smart enough not to wind up dead, and didn’t have a record bad enough to keep the Army from takin him in when he hit 18.
See, he wants out. Figured what the hell, can’t be worse than the ’Barrens eh?

Recruiter tells him all the same shit, learn some skills, got that military record, looks good for employers. Sign up now, get yourself some creds as a bonus

Might be a good way out you know? So he signs that line, goes in, some sort of Engineer or whatever. Sounds good. That basic training, no big deal, just don’t be the weakest one.

Get past that, send him off to learn about his jobs, ends up being real marketable, learn to clear explosives and bring buildings down. Hell, figures he might have something worth sellin when he comes home.

He’s good, knows his shit. Remembers everything. Passes through, ghetto kid doing well. Pisses off some of the others but who cares. Fuck em

Does his time in the Army, (wherever the fuck the UCAS is doing shit, Desert, Bug City, whatever)

Has a hard time stayin out of trouble though. Just not in him to fall in line and stay quiet

ends up spoutin truth to some dick butter bar and knocks him in the head
Gets the wrong kind of discharge, shit looks real bad when an employer interviews you omae

finds himself back where shit started, same fuckin hood. Family still around but doesn’t really fit in anymore. Dead brother kinda underlines things, says you need to find a way out before you end up face down in some alley

So he’s got some skills, got some cash, and spent most of it on a shitty apartment and some gear. Only one way out for someone with a bad record in the Barrens

Juvenile record for sure, dishonorable discharge, and depends on how long he’s been out by now
Got bills to pay you know omae
All he’s got is some implants, a little cash, a clunker, and his piece

He’s got an older brother, kind of a bully when he was younger.
Mom’s probably around, but not for much longer
One sister living at home still, takin care of things
the other hooked up with some go gang and took off

he wants to get his family out of the lifestyle. He’s 25, hasn’t had a lot of time to really figure shit out other than that he doesn’t want to die here

Soft spot for women and kids, avoids hurting/injuring them. Unless that bitch is comin at you with a razor or something. Then you knock her the fuck out

Adidas Smith

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